Every Known Picture of Sean Miller Playing For Pitt. There’s 2, And They’re Both Tiny


I use “every known” as it pertains to me. If I can’t find anything on a Google Image Search, then it exists outside of my realm of imagination. Plus, as I said earlier, I have some sort of tiny attention span, so you’re kidding yourself if you believed that I was going to put more effort into this thing.

What we know. Sean Miller, former Big East Freshman of the Year in 1988, is coaching Xavier against Pitt in the Sweet 16 of this year’s NCAA tourney. Tonight. I’m sure there’s tons of opinions about this fact all over the Internet, but I’m too lazy to go check.

So I decided to just search for pictures of Sean in action for the Panthers, you know, so I could embarrass him or make fun of the athletic fashion of the late 80s/early 90s. This turned out to be a pretty daunting task. Apparently, pre-Internet 2.0 pictures are hard to come by on the information superhighway.

These are the only two pictures I could find of Sean from his time with the Panthers. What I didn’t know is that pictures from the 80s are reeally tiny. And the 80s were in black and white!

The more you know…


Go Pitt!

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