Evgeni Malkin Is Still A Great Interview


You know me…I love to pick on foreigners for their accents and butchered attempts to master the English language. You can find a bunch of my thoughts on this back at the last China Jack post, which chronicles every time I insulted the Chinese man’s English.

I’ll go a little easier on Geno, since he’s currently staking his claim as the ’08-’09 league MVP. Plus, he had 5 (almost 6) points last night after  a sickness held him scoreless for back-to-back games. So with the scoring outburst in the win, you knew Potash was gonna interview Malkin. And I’m pretty impressed with how far he’s come with the language.

He’s learned the canned replies and understands to deflect the praise to your team, but it was pretty cool to hear him say that he’d get that 6th point “next time.”

If you threw me in Russia, I doubt I’d get as far as Geno has gotten  in English over the past 2.5-3 years or so.

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