Evgeni Malkin Will Fire A Puck Right At Your Face


So Penguins practices seem fun. First we get Sid dribbling a soccer ball, and now this.

After practice one day, Geno and the guys were hitting pucks into the crowd as souvenirs. I don’t know if this is a regular happening, as I now live in NYC and cannot get to the Iceoplex at a moment’s notice. However, Malkin was putting a little zip on these babies.

If I got hit in the face with a Malkin slapshot, I don’t know if I’d be incredibly happy or incredibly pissed (and in pain). To make it happen, you have to take a puck to the grill. But the second part of the equation is getting recognized by the league’s top scorer, and having him aim RIGHT FOR YOU! How nice it must be to get recognized by a superstar.

Sid gets criticized relentlessly by the masses who think he’s too bland with his cookie-cutter image and hardly quote-worthy interviews. Geno brings more of the edge to the team’s top two talents, and since he hasn’t fully mastered the English language, he’ll do most of his talking with a puck right to the kisser.

Sid would probably walk the puck over and hand it to some sick kid. Geno’s slapshot would cure that sick kid from 40 feet away.

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