Fake People Recreate The “Hines Ward Rule” Block


The still-young NFL offseason has given fans the implementation of the Hines Ward Rule, so overwhelmed defensive rookies need not worry about getting their jaws broken when they’re out-physicaled by a WR in future years.

We all know the tale of the Bengals’ Keith Rivers getting knocked out for the season by Ward, which prompted the rule change. But now, we get fake people recreating this now-famous block.

So we can get a depiction of the block, but no fake smile on fake Hines’ face? Why not go all out, dude who created this animation? Have fake Hines pop right up and celebrate the crushing block. And to make it even more sweet, have fake Rivers’ jaw explode off of his face. And then have the fake Steelers win another Super Bowl. And then have fake Bengals fans weep over their fake franchise’s continuous ineptitude. And then make fake me high five every other fake Steelers fan.

That would be the best fake video ever.

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