Some Dude At The Penguins Championship Parade Should Probably Play Football UPDATE

What do you do when you’re one of 375,000 Pittsburghers waiting for the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins to parade by in trucks, trophy in hand? You should probably grab a football and fire it into an open fourth-story window down the block. That should pass the time.

It’s actually pretty amazing footage. Now, I don’t have background, so this could’ve been the dude’s 80th try or something. Still, 99% of you wouldn’t be able to replicate this feat on YOUR 80th try. I’d be able to do it on one of my first attempts, because I’m that good at everything.

Thanks to TheStarterWife (here, too!) for originally tipping me off about the vid. And my buds at NGNG have it posted as well, so I’d be a jerk if I didn’t include them in this conversation.

*UPDATE* Eyewitness reports say that it was the dude’s 7th or 8th attempt. And that’s the Diocese of Pittsburgh building…he was throwing it to a minister.

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