Furries Are Infiltrating Pittsburgh Sports At An Alarming Rate

Credit to commenter JAdams at The Pensblog. That’s how I came across this masterpiece.

A few weeks ago, the Mets came to Pittsburgh and got disrupted by Furries. Anthrocon, the national Furry convention, happens routinely in the ‘Burgh, and usually annoys the fans and whatever team is in town to play the Pirates that weekend. Now, people in animal suits are assaulting sports fans in Pittsburgh over the Internet.

I’m not familiar with the website Stickam, but it seems to be a place where users can broadcast webcam streams live. And it looks like you can get a few people in on it at one time. The video at the bottom of this post highlights the antics of a dude in a bear suit as he pops in and out of random streams. Hilarity ensues.

Now to be fair, the guy says he’s not a Furry, but it’s funnier and more convenient for me if we just pretend. Plus, it’s a dancing guy in an animal suit, so shut up.

Around the 1:50 mark, Bear-man appears in a stream of a blatant Pittsburgh fan. Dude is sitting there in a Pirates hat, with a Pensblog “Yes We Can” Stanley Cup poster on his wall. And darnit, the guy perfectly modified it to say “Yes We Did,” the accepted motto after we officially won the Cup.

I don’t know what Pittsburgh did to become the focus of the Furries, but funny stuff usually follows. If you start getting Facebook requests from Fred the Fox or something, you’ll know that the Furry offensive has escalated.

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