Geno Intermission Interviews Are Still Gold

Lost in the weekend amidst another crushing Steelers loss was the Penguins beating the Atlanta Thrashers. And I love that Geno has come so far in his understanding and use of the English language. Sure, it was fun earlier in his career to hear him mumble some Russian to Gonchar and then have Sarge translate, but hearing him explain himself is just so much better.

Add in some tiredness and you have the foundation of a solid Geno interview.

Really…all I could make out was the beginning, where he said his line had some scoring chances, then it was just a bunch of mumbles and gasps, ending with a request for 15 minutes of rest. If you, me or any other English-speaking, American dork said his same interview, word-for-word, we’d sound like idiots. But the natural language barrier makes Geno’s offerings awesome.

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