Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: GO PITTSBURGH STEEL!


This hat sucks.

True story: my dad used to work at his old high school. Around the McKeesport area. After living in those parts all their lives, he and my mom moved to New Jersey back in 2007. Dad took a job elsewhere, and when he was leaving, the school gave him some Steelers stuff like a shirt, Terrible Towel and hat so that a part of Pittsburgh was going with him. This was the hat.

He gave it to me because he sure as heck didn’t want it. For one, it just says Pittsburgh Steel on the front, surrounding an enormous PS. And the words are on like a 5,000 pound metal slab. And yes, you would be correct to assume that the brim…

…is hardened rubber with flames etched into the sides.

I know, I know, this probably wasn’t even meant to be a Steelers hat, per se. Steel is synonymous with Pittsburgh, that the vendor was probably just  paying homage to the backbone of the city’s earlier days. But when you use the black and gold colors, you’re obviously hinting at something. And the Steelers would be appalled at having something like this to be even remotely associated with the actual team.

I don’t even want to guess what that fake “officially-licensed sticker” signifies.

This hat is just sitting in the closet. I tried it on once, found it to be a few tons too heavy for my liking, and just forgot about it. Until yesterday, that is.

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