Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Strippers Love The Steelers

This comes over from my bud DYm. His mother-in-law gave him this shirt. Perfect.

In the weirdest sense ever, the above “Strippers Love The Steelers” shirt is right on par with the Jesus Loves The Steelers one. Both are incredibly simple, with one singular person expressing their love for the same football team. See…weirdest parallel ever.

And you know what, I totally enjoy this one as much as I did the one with our Lord and Savior on it. The vendor didn’t try some elaborate design to make a PITTSBURGH SUPER WORLD CHAMPIONS shirt seem like a Super Bowl Champion Steelers one. They had a message…short and sweet…and didn’t care that they used STEELERS without permission.

And that’s the thing. With the Jesus shirt, we thought the only way to use a licensed word like STEELERS without getting a cease and desist letter was to incorporate religion. But we forgot about the strippers.

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