Good For Mike Rupp

Mike Rupp scored his first career hat trick last night, in an awesome 5-2 win over the dumb Rangers. It was the second of a home-and-home series against the Blueshirts, with the Pens beating them in Pittsburgh on Saturday night 8-3. Rupp set a career high for goals in a season earlier in yesterday’s game.

I’m not gonna tell you anything you don’t already know. Rupp has been  huge, and has made his mark as another vintage Ray Shero free agent pickup. Rupp was a first-round talent, but never put it together like he has so far with the Pens. Pretty cool that it’s only now December and we have a guy like Rupp on the 4th line.

This post is only excuse to publish the above Photoshop. Mad props to demangone for doing the grunt-work. After Rupp scored his first goal, he was boarded by some insignificant Ranger, awkwardly injuring his knee in the process. When he came back and scored his second goal, I remarked that I wanted to see a mashup of Rupp and my favorite Rod Woodson memory…when he pointed to his knee after breaking up a pass in Super Bowl XXX. He had missed about 98% of the season before that eventual championship loss.

Rupp’s time in the spotlight wasn’t a championship game, but Pittsburghers are quick to think of Rod when a Burgh athlete immediately contributes after any knee injury.

So congrats on the hatty, Mike. And congrats on the masterpiece, demangone.

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