Greatest Phrase Ever – “National Steelers Bar Tour”

My forward-thinking comrades at IheartPGH cannot wait for Steelers season to start. And when it does, they aren’t trying to watch games at home, or even visit Heinz Field. No, they want to take a trip around the country, on a National Steelers Bar Tour. And that, my friends, is awesome.

They are currently raising funds, and are almost 70% of the way there with the deadline approaching. If you can, please support them before this Friday so their dreams of hanging out with the entirety of Steelers Nation can come true. Plus, NYC would most likely be a stop, since there’s about 45 million Pittsburgh fans in this damn city. And you know I’d be there to cover it and make sure IheartPGH did it right.

So head over to IheartPGH, contribute any loose change you might have, and tell them to stop by your city if you’re a displaced ‘Burgher like myself.

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