Props to Jason Burik, who created a to-scale model of PNC Park…with Legos.

I was a huge Lego fan back in the day. I’m also a huge Pirates fan, so right now, I’m drifting back to a time when the Pirates were still good, and Lego-building consumed most of my day. We visited the Lego phenomenon back during the toy’s 50th birthday. My thoughts:

I grew outta Legos when they started making those massive sets where you could build like a castle or interactive building of some sort. I was used to the simple sets where your imagination dictated what you built. I could build a ridiculous stick/tower.

Yeah, I think it would be safe to say that I wouldn’t have the energy to build a scale model of PNC Park, even though the stadium is superbly badass.

You can check out more of Jason’s Lego creations, including Heinz Field (!) here.



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