I Am Burning

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Yesterday, my post about Hines Ward and his gift of Crown Royal premium whiskey made it all the way from the dregs of the Internet to ESPN. A producer for Jim Rome is Burning asked permission to use the image and my website’s url on the show. Rome used the pic and story as his Final Burn.

I give ESPN a lot of flak, but sometimes, they do the right thing. It woulda been way easy (and it has happened) for someone with their kinda pull to just rip something straight off the Internet and claim it was theirs, but the producer and show were classy enough to give credit where credit was due. When I started this site almost 2 years ago, there wasn’t nearly this kind of communication between the blogosphere and major entities like ESPN.

Much love goes out to my buddy Brian at Awful Announcing for preserving the clip and sending it to me. Also, thanks to Cotter for getting a backup file of the clip. I owe you both majorly.

So yeah, this post is a bit self-serving, but it’s nice to get recognized. So back off.

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