I Kinda Enjoy This ESPN SportsNation Commercial

Not gonna lie, I have no idea what ESPN SportsNation is. Since there’s a commercial for it, I’m going to assume it’s some sort of original programming that is on the network when I’m at work. And I really don’t care if that assumption is way off.

However, I saw this commercial about a week or two ago, and have been waiting for someone to upload. I’d complain about the quality, but it’s the first and only uploaded video of the commercial I’ve found since it started appearing on the air.

In it, the hosts are talking to some king/knight/weirdo, when the dude is asked about Pittsburgh and it’s recent NFL and NHL championships. King/knight/weirdo says:

“Find out who this Pittsburgh is. Learn his ways. When we have everything we need…kill him.”

And I’m no Colin Cowherd fan at all, but the “Not a Pittsburgh fan” comment made me chuckle.


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