I Think That’s A Fakie Steelers Shirt *UPDATE*

Can I autotune a blog post?

Lil Wayne had a concert in Pittsburgh within the past week, and it looks like he had on a Steelers ripoff shirt. Excuse me for not consulting any sources other than a Youtube video, but I don’t really care to research any more about Lil Wayne.

Actually, I like this shirt better than Tito Ortiz’s attempt to butter up the Pittsburghers, but if I call one out for a cheap Steelers knockoff, then I must do the same for a similar incident.

Lil Wayne…bad form.

Video is below. Shut the sound off if you want. I did.

*UPDATE 1* Cotter points me to this article, where Lil Wayne states that “I just don’t like the Steelers.” Awesome flip-flip.

*UPDATE 2* This comes from reader James. His buddy designed the shirt at Peoples Cartel, which can be seen at that link and in the picture below. He wanted to defend his bud…not Lil Wayne.

Now that I see the full thing, I really enjoy the simplicity of it, but was cuttin’ up on Lil Wayne for pandering to Pittsburghers like Tito Ortiz did. Those guys ruin everything.

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