If Big Ben Is Hurt Bad Enough, We Should Sign This Guy

Word spread late in the day yesterday that Max Starks took a tumble onto Big Ben’s right ankle/leg. We held our collective breaths aswe were told of ice packs, and trainers and a limping quarterback. But it turns out that Ben just got hit awkwardly, and there is no real reason to panic over this troubling news.

But what if Ben’s hurt worse than he’s letting on? Are you comfortable in Charlie Batch getting the majority of playing time? Especially after missing all of last season with a broken something-or-other? And Bruce Arians almost refuses to put Dennis Dixon into the game, because that might take a Tight End or 6 out of his current formations.

So let’s sign Kordell Stewart again. He knows the city, and as this classic advertisement illustrates, his passes rip the arms right off his receivers. Wait…maybe that’s a bad thing.

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