I’m Making This Guy Into A Steelers Fan

Remember this guy? No…not Brian Engblom and his 1 million beer bottles. The guy behind him in the Penguins gear. That’s my buddy Stan.

On Friday, he’s coming to Steelers training camp to completely immerse himself in everything Black and Gold. You might be surprised that such a diehard Pens fan has no knowledge of the Steelers, but these things happen.

Stan is Russian, or Belarusian or something. He sounds like the main characters from Grand Theft Auto IV, and I always call him Russian. He usually corrects me to say he’s Belarusian. Kinda like how I say I’m a Pittsburgher even though I was born in the Christy Park district of Versailles…right in the McKeesport area. I simplify things so you don’t get all hung up on technicalities. He’s from Russia…I’m from Pittsburgh.

He moved to Brooklyn in the mid-90s, and as a hockey fan, immediately started following the Pens. Check it…that’s him in the sick Pens hat back in the day.

So as a Russian Penguins fan transplanted to Brooklyn, Stan has never really followed football. I found this out at Foley’s, our infamous NYC Pens bar, during the playoffs. I told him right off the bat…”You’re now a Steelers fan.

Fast forward…and we leave for camp from NYC on Friday. I’ve told Stan that he’s going to do everything that a real Steelers fan would do on this trip. Primanti’s, Sharkey’s and Dino’s, Eat ‘N Park, St. Vincent day practice, Latrobe High School night practice…the works.

If you think of anything else for Stan to do during camp, hit me up on Twitter, email, or below in the comments. He’s your lump of clay, Steelers fans.

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