In Max Talbot’s Words

Yo, did you know the Penguins won the Stanley Cup? Just checkin’.

We’ve gone through a wide range of emotions in the past week…nervousness before Game 7, absolute elation once the game was over, a few days of sheer bliss, the realization that hockey is done for a few months…we’ve all been through it together. But what about a player like Max Talbot, you know, who played a major role in the win?

We’ve gone over Max’s blog before, so let’s see what he had to say right after the win. His blog is in French, so please make fun if the translation comes through a little choppy.

I have trouble believing that I scored two goals in the 2-1 win in the seventh game.I know it is now part of history and that my goals are etched in our memories.Nobody is going to take my two goals. The seventh match was the most beautiful of my life.

We have always believed in ourselves when we pulled back from 0-2 in the series deal with Washington and Detroit. There was a weird feeling that prevailed in the locker room. We lost but we knew we had played well and could return. It was just continue to work and play well.Our coach Dan Bylsma is an eternal optimist. In victory and in defeat, he never ceases to believe and it has always smiling. With a two games, Dan did not need to say much so we have a panel. We always knew we could come back.

In the final encounter with only a goal difference, the Red Wings have exerted enormous pressure. My friend Marc-Andre Fleury has successfully completed a brilliant stop in the final seconds. The pressure of the Wings made the show very interesting. Obviously, I was a little scared but I think it was part of destiny. We believed in our own luck and we thought that we deserved this cup.

Marc-André is a very close friend and I would not go to war with another guard as he. When the Red Wings have scored their only goal Friday, I went to see my man and I said “Marc-André, is 2-1 and I have the winning goal. Do the stops and we will win the cup . Do it for me.” We know the rest of the story.

Kris Draper Sidney accused of having deliberately missed the handshake with some players. I heard this story and it makes me laugh. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Sid is the guy who most respects the game and the world.

Sunday afternoon we went to PNC Park, home of the Pirates, to celebrate our victory. Bill Guerin is made the start of protocol. We also visited the cloakroom of the Pirates.

That’s great. Max is extremely entertaining, both on the ice and in blog-form.

That picture is ripped from a video of Max shushing the crowd at the Stanley Cup parade, reminiscent of his awesome move during Game 6 of the Flyers series.

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