Is Pirates Season Over Yet?

If you’re still watching the Pirates, you’re either crazy or Pat. Or a combination of the two.

Frankly, the baseball season ceased to have any importance to me when August came to a close. The Steelers were about to begin regular-season play, and I purchased my October 3rd ticket to the Pens/Isles game on Long Island. Plus, this isn’t mentioning the fact that the Buccos have only won 3 of their past 23 games dating back to August 28th. That, my friends, is brutal.

How embarrassing is it to be a Pirates fan when consecutive football and hockey championships fall in the same year as the Buccos’ streak of sub-.500 seasons? Even the fans in the cheap seats aren’t caring, going so far as to amuse themselves with dolls during the games.

/hangs head in shame while awaiting the next Steelers or Penguins game

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