Is Rashard Mendenhall A Good Dancer?

Trust is a funny thing on the Internet. You guys come here trusting that I’ll give you something interesting at the very least. I trust in certain sources for inspiration, but technology can blur the line between truth and fiction.

Say I found a video online. Imagine it is the only video on a brand new profile on some video hosting website. Pretend that the file claims to be Pittsburgh Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall absolutely cutting destroying a rug to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Would you choose to believe that Mendenhall is that agile based on no corroborating evidence other than a video’s name and no facial closeups?

In this Internet-heavy age that we live in, I’ll choose to believe that that video-uploader didn’t just pick a random name out of a hat and attach it to some weird dance performance. From here on out, no matter what anybody says, that IS Beetlejuice in that video.

I wanna see those hops in camp, Rashard. That’s the only way you’re not getting made fun of for this.

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