Jerome Bettis Has His Own Cuervo Tequila

Big ups to my buddy Rich for the tip.

Recently, Jerome Bettis celebrated his 37th birthday at Club Pure at Cesar’s Palace. As a gift, he received a personalized bottle of Jose Cuervo Platino Tequila with pictures of his playing days on the box. And I must say, that is a mighty fine box of tequila. I’m sure a bunch of Pittsburghers would pay any price (even in this recession) to get some liquor with local hero Bettis emblazoned on the packaging.

Also present was former teammate (and liquor lover in his own right) Hines Ward. I’m sure they exchanged wonderful stories about who has the better taste in booze. Cuervo Platino vs. Crown Royal Cask No. 16…who ya got?

Bettis DOES have a thing for tequila, as he gave away Super Bowl tickets on behalf of Cuervo in this video that I just watched. The man is consistent, as we Steelers fans can attest.

He looks so happy with his gift.

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