Jerome Bettis Totally Got Saved By Batman

So here’s a scenario I never thought I’d type. Jerome Bettis gets captured by a big toe, and Batman tries to save him while The Riddler, Aladdin and Buzz Lightyear go to a rave.

Let that soak in.

I pretty much just gave you the entire plot rundown of this video, but it’s funny enough that you should get a chuckle out of it should you decide to watch. We’ve seen the disturbing trend of fans using Steelers dolls to create unneeded mental images before, but this one isn’t so, um, graphic? I mean, I’ll take bobblehead Bettis in distress over Kordell Stewart doing the dirty with Luigi any day of the week.

Can we sign Batman to play O Line? I mean, he just provided more protection for bobblehead Bettis in a one minute video than Big Ben has gotten in the past three years. CLICHE JOKE FOR THE WIN!

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