Kevin Greene Hates People Who Suck At Driving

I love when guys from the mid-90s Steelers teams pop up on some random stuff.

Former LB Kevin Greene, who also had a 19-year Army Reserve career to go with his 15 years of NFL service, taped a vehicle safety spot for the Naval Safety Center. In it, he urges Marines and Sailor to be smart about automobile safety, and calls out the idiots who drive drunk.

I always loved Greene, even though he was only a Steeler for 3 seasons. He was one of the guys I wanted to see win a championship in that Super Bowl XXX year, his last in Pittsburgh. In the safety video, he comes off completely down to Earth, with a refreshing on-screen personality. He didn’t just sign up to mumble some scripted lines and get his facetime, he actually seems to care about keeping the Naval officers safe. Some of my favorite lines:

“Hello, my name is Kevin Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers and a couple other teams.”

“I played in 5 Pro Bowls and I actually have a kinda cool stat…I’m like the all-time NFL sack leader for linebackers…and…I don’t know, for whatever that’s worth.”

“Drunk driving? You gotta be kidding me! No excuse.”

Gotta love that despite playing only 3 seasons in the ‘Burgh, Greene still associates himself with the Steelers. Plus, I’ve had a few close friends pass away in car accidents, so the safety video and Greene’s participation is that much cooler.

What’s next, Greg Lloyd for karate safety?

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