Kordell Stewart Is Awkward

Is the UFL still going? I thought that would’ve folded like 2 minutes into the first quarter of action.

As the latest incarnation of the “competitor to the NFL,” the UFL tried to make everything as professional as possible. They got a few former NFL players and coaches, some semi-respectable announcers…and vomit-worthy neon uniforms…

…Oh, and former Steeler Kordell Stewart as sideline reporter. Things took a turn for the worse really quick there, didn’t they? As the UFL’s Erin Andrews, *shudder* Kordell has gotten to interview Denzel Washington, whose son plays for one of the teams. I don’t know which one, you can’t expect me to remember all that junk.

This interview was probably more to his liking, though. Instead of chatting with an Oscar-winner, he’d rather awkwardly prod a low-level receiver to perform silly dances on national tv. Is Versus national? Well, then Stewart wanted him to show off his dance moves on a handful of tvs here and there.

You know as soon as the camera panned back to the field, he was high fiving his producer, asking “Yo you got that right? Tight….” acting like he re-wrote the rules of sideline reporting or something.

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