LaMarr Woodley Is Apparently Essence Magazine’s Single Man Of The Month

That is, according to this tiny picture on LaMarr’s official website. This is the only visual evidence I have to support this crazy notion.

And why would I call LaMarr getting some much deserved attention crazy? Because the dude isn’t technically single. MLive backs up the fact that LaMarr is July’s Single Man of the month here and here, noting the following:

Understand that Woodley is single only in the most legal of senses. He and his girlfriend, Jordan Vinson, also from Saginaw, have an 18-month-old daughter, Gabrielle.

But that doesn’t stop women from posting messages on the magazine’s comment page, most along the lines of “I like old-school slow jams, too … give me a call.”

So, Essence magazine tabs LaMarr as the Single Man of the Month, but the only known picture is on LaMarr’s site, which directs you to an Essence Magazine website link that apparently had all the info scrubbed from its records. Did they find out that LaMarr has a girlfriend?

I guess we’ll update if we find out what the heck is going on.

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