Lawrence Timmons Forgot His Coach’s Name. (Hint: It’s Mike Tomlin)

I’m a blogger. I’ve told you nothing you didn’t already know with that statement. But as a blogger, I’m fascinated by the blogs run by our local athletes. Max Talbot has one, Santonio has one…even guys on the Baby Pens, like Ben Lovejoy, had one. We’ve looked at Lawrence Timmons’ before, so now it’s time to casually insult a dude who could literally rip my face off of my skull.

LT put up a new post where he briefly talks of his offseason training, then lists his 5 favorite places in Pittsburgh. One of them is, “Red Lobster: I’ve been going there since I was a kid. It’s a place I can’t get tired of.” I find that awesome. I also find Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits awesome.

Anyway, Timmons talked about the offseason for like a minute before he listed his places to eat in Pittsburgh. He notes:

“We start out early with some running, do individual exercises, lunge jumps, stuff like that, a lot of plyometrics. Loosen our hips. Then go home, take a nap, back to the gym for more exercise, eat, go to sleep, wake up early and start the whole process over again.

At the end of the day, when we were celebrating winning the Super Bowl, Coach Tomlinson asked me if it was worth all the work we put into it.

I said yeah, it’s worth it.”

Coach Tomlinson? As in the hybrid guy at the top of this post who exists only in hastily-made MS Paints? But I can cut Timmons some slack. Because:

A) Maybe someone else is ghostwriting his blog.

B) It’s an easy mistake to make.

C) I almost made a similar mistake in this post, as I originally typed “Mike Timlin,” the name of a former Red Sox reliever, in the title.

D) Maybe he’s too focused on training or eating at Red Lobster that small details like last names get lost in the shuffle.

E) He’s just showing love to another LT.

F) It forced me to make that MS Paint image at the top, which is the only time Tomlinson will ever hoist the Lamar Hunt trophy as AFC Champion (BURN!)

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