Let’s Embarrass Mike Tomlin Some More!

By now, you’ve probably seen the awesome picture of Mike Tomlin’s flattop fade in his college identification picture (through either OFTOT, Deadspin or the P-G). But now, after showing a little blogger initiative, I’ve come across a few more younger-Mike pics that we can all laugh at in one way or another.

The College Athlete:

Where’s the mini-fro, Mike? What, you didn’t want it to get dented in your helmet like it repeatedly does now with your headset?

The…uh…Ugly Jeans, Thin Belt, Awesome Shirt Combo:

Man, I know you were in school during the early 90s, but did you really have to dress the part? Props for standing next to a kid wearing Back and Gold, though.

Disgusting, Mike. Be glad you won the Super Bowl…not everyone gets a free pass on multi-colored vertical stripes.

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