Like 75 Penguins Videos

Okay, so maybe it’s 3 and not 75 videos. But I was planning on giving each of these their own individual posts, which mighta been overkill. Instead, we’ve streamlined, and everything within this post should get you ready for the amazingly huge Game 4 in Pittsburgh tonight.

First up is the latest Yinz Luv Da Guins. Mad props to Jim, as always.

Next, Benson checked in with another Burghability parody. He’s brought back the 96.1 Kiss FM Morning Freak Show team of Mikey and Big Bob for the latest episode, as they channel surf on the big screen outside the Civic Arena. ICEBURGH, NOOOOO!!!!!

And finally, we have a badass little Penguins tyke. The rest of his family members are Red Wings fans, but he’s sticking with Pittsburgh because penguins are his favorite animal. I absolutely love how he keep annoying everyone by continually saying, “Go Pittsburgh Penguins!” He’s more awesome than you.

Go Pens!

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