Max Talbot’s A&L Motor Sales Commercial Pulled

When news of the third installment of Max Talbot’s A&L Motor Sales commercials broke, we were all pretty excited. The spot is shown above, featuring Tall Cathy of 96.1 Kiss FM.

But now the Pens are making the company pull the ads, since officially-licensed team logos and apparel are shown without permission. Such is life when you’re working with a sports team.

So that stinks. There was nothing wrong with the ad…just the inclusion of a logo that didn’t have the appropriate permission. A&L is planning on re-shooting the commercial, only this time without jerseys and whatnot. The first two installments had none.

Which means we just get new content and another (almost) new commercial to check out. I’m just trying to find the silver lining in stuff, guys. Good for me.

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