Me And Dan Cortese Are Psychic Steelers Fans


If you don’t remember Dan Cortese from the awesome MTV Sports and Rock N Jock tournaments, then I hate you. I’d also accept it if you remember him from the “Dan Dan the Whopper Man” commercials for Burger King.

Cortese is a Sewickley native and passionate Steelers fan. I follow him on Twitter because he’s more kickass than you and I’m cool with anyone from Pittsburgh. So before yesterday’s Steelers game, Dan had a prediction:


Now, the score wasn’t dead on, but once it went final:


Pretty sick. But he’s not the only one flaunting mental powers as they relate to the Steelers. Check out what I wrote as soon as Lawrence Timmons was shown favoring his ankle, about 35 minutes before my prediction came true:

Follow me or Dan, and you’ll get the best NFL analysis you can think of. PSAMP and MTV Sports totally outworked ESPN. We’re on the beat.

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