My First Sports Memory Rules

My buddy Mike over at Steady Burn asked a few friends what was the earliest memory we had related to sports. Mine has to do with the man above. Not God, man above…but Tony Pena, the man in the above picture.

“1986, it must have been. Tony Pena’s last year with the Pirates. I woulda been 2. I remember someone telling me that Pena was up to bat at Three Rivers Stadium…either my dad or the announcer. I was sitting in the nosebleeds, but remember saying “He’s gonna hit a home run,” which he did, to the leftfield seats way below me. Pena’s always been one of my favorite players because of that.”

Remember that Tony Pena only hit 63 homers as a Pirate. I saw one of his 30 career home runs at Three Rivers at a very early age.

If you think my first sports memory is better than everyone else’s, vote for it at Steady Burn. Because I want my memories to have bragging rights.

Picture ripped from MLB News via The Green Weenie.

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