Who does Bloomberg think they are? Or for that matter…what is this renegade betting service?

After Michael Vick got a conditional reinstatement to the NFL, Bloomberg reported on the commisioner’s decision. Then, right at the very end of the clip, they sneak in a little nugget that some betting service has the Steelers or Patriots with the best odds of signing Vick.

This doesn’t mean our Steelers will land the troubled former QB…just that Vegas really likes the stability our franchise offers. And as much as I hate the Patriots, they have been able to get the most out of high-risk/high-reward type players, so it’s natural that New England and Pittsburgh would be atop anyone’s list of successful front offices.

But I thought we needed less distractions following up a Super Bowl this time around. Looks like we traded in a motorcycle accident and the end of a longtime coach’s tenure for shady assault charges and Ron Mexico? Dennis Dixon has to be at least comparable to anything the Steelers could expect out of Vick.

But would you, my fellow fans, even want Vick in Black and Gold? Sure he’s talented, but he’s also been out of the game for 2 seasons. Then again, I was the guy pushing for the Steelers to sign Daunte Culpepper over Byron Leftwich last season, so my opinion on this should pretty much carry no weight.

Tomlin did support Vick back in March.

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