Obama Wants Steelers Owner Dan Rooney So Bad

Well Dan Rooney’s St. Patrick’s Day went about as well as could be expected.

Thanks to my good buds at HHR for passing this along. President Obama finally nominated Steelers owner Dan Rooney for the Irish Ambassador position that had been rumored for the past few weeks.

“I am honored and grateful that such a dedicated and accomplished individual has agreed to serve as the representative of the United States to the Irish people. Dan Rooney is an unwavering supporter of Irish peace, culture, and education, and I have every confidence that he and Secretary Clinton will ensure America’s continued close and unique partnership with Ireland in the years ahead,” Obama said in a statement.

Rooney, a Republican, also provided a key endorsement to Obama during the Democratic primaries before the Pennsylvania contest in April.

So help me God, I’m going to flip out if I find that Rooney has been “forgetting” to do his taxes like pretty much every other Obama nominee.

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