Oh Yeah. PSAMP Is Now 2 Years Old

Kinda forgot to mention this last week. This past Friday was the 2 year anniversary of PSAMP. I would forget.

I was terrible at blogging when I started out, what with the refusal to capitalize and use semi-normal grammar. Just look at that first post…awful. However, I think I’ve stayed pretty true to the last few lines of that original post when I said:

“i’ll try to keep updated on new pgh sports topics as well as cool mini pony pictures. sweet.”

Yeah, PSAMP’s m.o. hasn’t really changed. But now I get to use the “terrible twos” as an excuse in case I’m in a bad mood or something.

Almost two years at Blogger and recently, a month+ at Bloguin. Who knows what the future holds, but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for taking the time to read the bile I repeatedly spew wherever I’ve been. You guys reading is really the only reason to keep this up every day. So thanks for any and all support over these past 2 years.

Picture stolen from Cake Wrecks.

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