Oh Yeah…Chris Henry

Remember this little shoving match from three years ago between Bengals WR Chris Henry and Steelers CB Ike Taylor? At the time, Taylor was a Super Bowl-winning defensive back with a pick in the big game to match. Henry was a guy with multiple drug and weapons arrests to his credit, with little on-field production. Ike went on to win another Super Bowl. In the meantime, Chris still:

…was found in a car the morning after this game with a teammate getting popped for driving under the influence, which resulted in Henry being suspended for a game by his coach.

…was suspended for two additional games the following week for violating the personal conduct policy of the NFL.

…plead guilty to providing alcohol to minors, netting him a 90-day jail sentence (of which he served 2 days).

…was suspended for the first 8 games of the following season (2007).

…was nearly implicated in a failed drug test, which luckily proved to be false.

…allegedly beat up a 16-year-old boy, but was exonerated.

…allegedly assaulted a valet, famously asking “Do You Know Who I Am?”

…was arrested for violating probation, but was found innocent.

…punched an 18-year-old kid, and was put on house arrest.

I actually got bored typing all that.

With the game on Sunday being a critical early-season game in the AFC North, the Steelers have to remember that the Bengals looked good last week, and they must shove back. I just wanted to post that video to remind the team that they cannot overlook the recent past of routinely destroying Cincy…it’s going to be hard fought due to the importance of divisional seeding what with Baltimore being 2-0.

Get the Bengals WRs off their games, and if that doesn’t work, just roll into Carson Palmer’s knees or something.