Old Footage Of Super Bowl X And Black Sunday Rules

Don’t remember the 1976 classic film Black Sunday featuring Robert Shaw? Don’t worry, I forgive you.

The movie is about a Vietnam vet who wants to suicide bomb Super Bowl X by way of blimp. Shaw should’ve flown a blimp-bomb into Jaws…that woulda been sweet!

Anyway, the film was partly shot at The Orange Bowl prior to and during Super Bowl X, which saw our Steelers beat the jerk Cowboys 21-17. What’s great about it is the NFL allowed the film to use the copyrighted logos that were used on the field during the game, something that would definitely not be the norm today.

The below video was just uploaded, because I’m a Youtube stalker, I guess. It shows behind-the-scenes shots of the filming of the movie which have been stashed away for 33 years. MAJOR props to JoeJFilms for deciding to bring it out. You can see the field as it would’ve looked when the Steelers were preparing to win their second Super Bowl title. So when you see Lynn Swann making an amazing catch in that game, you can remember how the field looked with no players present.

Enjoy. I did immensely!


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