Tonight is the last home game of the season for the Penguins. We need one win to push the series to a Game 7.

Longtime readers know that I’m a huge fan of underground hip-hop. They also might know two of my favorite artists are Immortal Technique, and his cohort Akir. For the past few games, I’ve been listening to the same random couple of songs in hopes that my superstitions would lead to successive wins. It worked for a few games, but Game 5 was a letdown.

The third song in the playlist is the One (Remix), by Technique, ft. Akir. It was originally an Akir joint off his initial underground release, Street Edition Vol.1. Tech closed out his second album with the noted remix.

This song is one of my favorites, because it sums up the style and substance of both artists, while remaining relatively positive in its outlook. But now, with the Penguins’ backs against the wall, the word “ONE” means so much more…and the hook in the song fits perfectly with our current situation as fans of the underdog facing elimination.

One love
One music
One people
One movement
One heart
One spark
One, One, One, One
One gift
One lift
One stance
One shift
One way
One day
One, One, One, One, One

If you can’t relate that to the task at hand tonight in Game 6, then you just suck at everything.

There’s so much riding on this ONE game tonight. The crowd at the Civic Arena will have to be ONE people, ONE movement…creating ONE heart and ONE spark.

Because there’s nothing left if we lose this game. Together, the Pens will have ONE stance, playing ONE shift at a time. There’s only ONE way to get to Game 7, and it all rests on this ONE day.

I’m confident in our team on home ice, as the Wings have yet to beat us there in this series. So if we’re going to establish ourselves as actual contenders for the 2008-09 Stanley Cup, we’ll need a truly inspiring effort in our ONE final home game.

Go Pens!

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