Our Reaction To The Penguins Winning The Series

That’s my reaction as the final second ticked off the clock last night. Pure ecstasy.

In a small Irish pub where we usually had about 15 people watching regular-season games, we crammed upwards of 3 digits worth of people around the televisions last night. And we finally got the blowout that we’ve all been waiting for.

Being away from Pittsburgh is tough, as I’ve told you before. Especially as a Pittsburgh sports blogger…there’s little you can do to recreate the emotion of living in the city that you cover during major sporting events. But we’ve got an atmosphere in midtown Manhattan that is as genuine as you can imagine.

And you know me, I wouldn’t lie to you.

Watch the video of those last seconds putting an end to Game 7, and tell me you aren’t a little jealous. Thanks to my friend Cara for the video.

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