Penguins Mini Pony FTW!

So I re-published this old-school-Pensblog PSAMP pony prior to the pivotal Game 7 and we won. Plus, Penguins alliteration is perfectly pleasant.

The headline was This Miniature Horse Will Help The Penguins Win Tonight. And that he did. So what the hell did you think I was going to do before the start of the Eastern Conference Finals?

As long as the Pens keep winning, I’m more than happy to make this Penguins pony become the hockey version of Black and Golddust. And Black and Golddust took the Steelers to the Super Bowl, mind you. We might need a name for Penguins pony, though, but I’m all out of ideas.

Penguins pony is ready for the puck to drop. Are you?

Go Pens!

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