Pittsburgh Pirates Announcers Add A Little Racism To The Games

Last night, the Buccos lost to the Washington Nationals, 8-4. In the first inning, team savior Andrew McCutchen homered for the fourth time in August, giving him twice as many as anyone else in the young month. Announcer Greg Brown pointed this fact out later in the game when Cutch came up to bat again.

But while Cutch was approaching the plate, the cameras panned to some fans wearing McCutchen t-shirts and jerseys. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as Andrew prepared to come up to bat. At that point, Brown, a fine announcer in his own right, made an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

“Andrew McCutchen…family, perhaps, in the stands.”

That sentence might have been fine, had he not added “perhaps” in the middle. If you’re going to bring up some family members at the game, make sure they’re actually related to the players. If you see a couple black guys in McCutchen shirts, that doesn’t automatically make them related to the black ballplayer who wears that jersey. Find if the family members are there, point them out and stand behind your statement.

One tiny word…”perhaps“…is enough to make a simple observation carry more weight.

Now, I know Brown isn’t a card carrying member of the KKK or anything, but announcing slip-ups are bound to be caught…even if you’re currently existing in the black hole that is Nationals-Pirates games.

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