Puppy Bowl V Liveblog Reminder

Back when I planned to liveblog Puppy Bowl V, I had no idea that the Steelers would make it to the Super Bowl. Now, my Super Bowl Sunday is shaping up to be the busiest, most hectic day ever.

But maybe that’s what I need.

I’ve been pretty level-headed throughout the past week and a half, making it through the bye week relatively unscathed and ready for Sunday to be here like never before. But the nerves are creeping in as the Super Bowl gets closer. I might be an absolute trainwreck on Sunday.

So my Puppy Bowl liveblog will be a great way to calm down and watch some badass, cute baby dogs do their thing on a fake football field. Water-bowl cam for life!

Really, I just wanted to remind you that the Puppy Bowl liveblog is still on as scheduled…Sunday, February 1, from 3-5 PM. I’ve never liveblogged anything before, and Puppy Bowl seems to be a tough act to start out on. I’ll be updating my thoughts on the Steelers as well, but here’s what the liveblog is probably gonna look like:

3:05 PM: Dude, check out that one puppy!

3:07 PM: That other puppy rules.

3:10 PM: Those one puppies are playing so hard.

3:15 PM: Getting more nervous about the Cardinals.

3:20 PM: Puppies SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

3:24 PM: That gray puppy is my new favorite!

3:30 PM: Whoa, did you see that one puppy jump?

So yeah, it’s going to be a challenge, but I’ll be ready. I do hope you’ll join me, right here at PSAMP, on Sunday. I’ll be firing up the liveblog sometime between 2:30 and 3 PM.

Puppies SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

**UPDATE** Puppy Bowl V Liveblog Thread is Posted Here.

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