Ralphie May Is Fat And A Steelers Fan


As if those two things didn’t already go hand-in-hand. Skinny Steelers fans are hard to come by, and I’m allowed to say that because I’m a fellow Steelers fan. Like how black people can get away with…

/ends that sentence right quick

Anyway, this video is fairly recent (any 2009 is fairly recent), and shows Ralphie obviously pandering to a Pittsburgh crowd. He does some cliche jokes about Bradshaw being a hick and Cowher having a porno mustache, but he did incite one brief chuckle from yours truly. May compared living in North Carolina (where Cowher moved after leaving the Steelers) to shooting yourself in the head. Now, I’ve only ever lived in Pittsburgh (for 99% of my life), South Jersey for about a minute (which would easily relate to being shot in the head) and NYC (where I am now). I had a buddy tell me that North Carolina was the shit like two weekends ago, so I’m not sure if Ralphie knows what he’s talking about.

Oh, and the audio sucks. Plus, he says some dirty words, so be careful if you’re at work. Or if you know of people that get pissed off at F words with a distinctive, Youtubey static hum behind them.


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