Rappers Love The Steelers

I’ve never hid my love for both Method Man and Redman. How High is still a ridiculous movie. Add in Bun-B from UGK, and I’m there.

I’m not down with new, just-released music, so apologies if this is older than I thought. Method and Red just dropped a new single with Bun-B called City Lights, and that was enough for me to give it a listen. Nothing blew me away about the song, but it’s not bad altogether.

However, Bun-B proved that my respect for him is warranted…he mentions the Steelers in his verse. Real quick, he talks about his car’s paint job, saying:

“I’m ridin’ both black and yellow stripes like a Steeler”

Nice. If I had the money, I would totally buy that car.

The song is below. Lyrics are NSFW, as if I had to even tell you that.


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