Rashard Mendenhall = AFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Hey lookee here! The once-doghouse-inhabiting Rashard Mendenhall is AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Chargers. 29 rushes for 165 yards and 2 scores will do that. Thanks to Cotter for the heads-up.

My protocol is usually to find a random picture of the award winner with a chickadee or two, but Rashard has absolutely no such images on the Internet. So instead, you get Rashard in a flying split. And there’s some chicks in the picture, so shut up.

Also, I usually MS Paint the words directly onto the player, but I needed to make an exception in this case. Those words would be too small and too hard to fit on his shirt.

Now, let’s hope he doesn’t have a letdown next game. Jeff Reed was AFC Special Teams Player of the Week in the opener, then proceeded to miss two crucial FGs in Week 2. Mendenhall can’t afford a similar thing to happen against Detroit.

Congrats on your first honor, in only your 7th actual game, Rashard!

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