Ravens Fans At The Naval Academy Have Priorities

In case you were wondering what people at the Naval Academy do all day…now you know.

I would hate to be a Baltimore Ravens fan right now. You started the season 3-0, but your kicker missed a last-second FG this weekend to hand your team it’s third consecutive loss. Analysts were calling you the best team in the league through the first 2-3 weeks of the season, but that seems like a distant memory after you just got Favre’d by the Vikings.

But Ravens fans at the Naval Academy are keeping it together, right? You know, maybe using their brains to try and help out the team, or at least not totally jumping ship? (sure, pun intended)

Nope, instead of acknowledging the struggles and thinking about how the Ravens can end their losing streak against the Broncos in two weeks, they’d rather cut down a Steelers banner. With what appears to be an elaborate Erector or K’Nex vehicle or something. Because this is what takes precedence when your team is 3-3 with a potentially-undefeated team on the horizon. You’ve made us all proud, Ravens fans at the Naval Academy.

At least the Ravens players didn’t go into the season thinking solely about the Steelers rather than what they needed to do to better themselves to make it back to the Super Bowl. Oh wait.

Video below.

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