Ravens Fans Suck at Using Dogs to Motivate Their Team

Yo Ravens fans…quit hopping on the bandwagon and trying to get dogs to legitimize your team. We’ve had several instances on PSAMP of dogs helping motivate the Steelers and their fanbase.

Now, some Baltimore jerks feel like its their turn to use man’s best friend to their benefit. But instead of some harmless dry-humping, barking or howling, Ravens fans threaten their dogs with…death. This video‘s description says that “Wilbur would rather die than become a Steelers fan.” A bit harsh, don’t you think?

I love dogs. The worst I’d wish on a dog is maybe that it eats its own shit or something after it does something bad. Never death. Jeez.

But if we’re gonna take this pre-AFC Championship Game trash-talk dog-fest to the next level, then we have to remember the video posted on PSAMP right after we beat the Ravens to win the division.

Go Steelers.

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