The Return Of Sidney Crosby’s Playoff BTM

With the playoffs starting tonight, we can safely assume that Sidney’s Playoff BTM will be resurrected. While most grizzled vets will sport the full-on mountain man beard, 21-year old Sid will again dominate the baby-faced peach fuzz that is a BTM. I have no room to really criticize, as the best I can do is a playoff, chin-only, goatee, but you get where I’m going with this.

Last year, we chronicled Sid’s BTM as we awesomely went to the Stanley Cup Finals. I can only hope we make it to that round again so we can get Playoff BTM: Season 2. Let’s look at Sid’s BTM as it (barely) evolved during last year’s run (all the watermarks still have PSAMP’s original blogspot url. Memories…).

Sid’s BTM finally began to take shape during the end of the Rangers series.

The BTM carried us to the ECFagainst tonight’s opponent, the Flyers.

The BTM did some work in the Finals.

But unfortunately, Sid’s BTM couldn’t finish the job. After being eliminated, Sid dropped the fuzz on his cheeks and chin in order to keep just the BTM in true, 20-year old Pittsburgher fashion.

Hopefully, 2009 brings a better run for the Playoff BTM. And really, the only way to improve on last season’s BTM success is to actually win the Cup. And when we do, all glory will go to the epic BTM that graces our captain’s upper lip.

Go Pens!

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