Rinkotology Is Cooler Than You

First off, cheers to my good buds at The Pensblog for setting this whole thing up. It’s a work of art.

If you’ve noticed, there’s no good hockey playoff pick ’em games on the Internet. The Pensblog guys took the time to remedy that situation, and created the beast that is Rinkotology. This sick game lets you choose the winners of each playoff series, with automatic re-seeding each round depending on your selections. Their words, not mine:

No donation to MLF is necessary to enter this contest.
We aren’t sure of the prizes yet, but they’re gonna be sick.
The deadline is Wednesday, April 15, 4:00 Eastern.
Here is a breakdown of the scoring system:
1. After each playoff series, the results are updated.
2. Each user’s picks are scored based on following scoring system:

A) 5 points awarded for each correct first-round pick.
B) 10 points awarded for each correct second-round pick.
C) 15 points awarded for each correct Conference Finals pick.
D) 20 points awarded for correct Stanley Cup pick.

E) If the number of games user picked was incorrect, points are deducted from the maximum points.

example) If user picked 6 games in a first-round series, but the winner was decided in 7 games, only 4 points are awarded to the user.

F) The maximum point possible is 130 points.

G) If more than one user has the same point total. the following rules are used to determine the ranking between those users:
H) No one likes the letter “H”
i) More points scored in the Stanley Cup Final.
ii) If still tied, tiebreaker will go to who made more correct team picks.
iii) If still tied, winner will be decided on who submitted their bracket first.

Dirty. And yes, it’s entirely free. However, they are hoping to raise $10,066 for the Mario Lemieux Foundation partly through this venture, so please give what you can. I know y’all are getting or have already gotten your tax refunds, so put some of it towards this worthy cause. I’m pretty transparent with you guys…I’ve made about 38 bucks in advertising on this site since I joined Bloguin, and 20 of it just went to the Mario Lemieux Foundation to support my buds. If you can, donate anything. You can help out via this link, or through the button provided here. Click it now:


Because there’s nothing better than free prizes, the hockey playoffs and helping a fantastic cause founded by my favorite Pittsburgh athlete.

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