Rinku And Dinesh Might Be Pitching Sometime Soon. Or Maybe Not.

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in with Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, the Indian reality show winner-dudes picked up by the Pirates this past offseason. And it turns out we tuned back in at the right time.

I’m trying out this “after the jump” feature. Because I can, and that’s where all the vital info is.


The unproven pitchers have been apparently working hard to pitch somewhere in the US. Rinku updated the brilliant Million Dollar Arm blog this weekend, revealing that the two might be close to actually pitching a live game.

“We hoping we pitching real game this week for Gulf Coast Pirates.

Many people asking us when we pitching, but we not knowing this.

After we pitching we promising write new blog for this.

Today we having interesting game to Braves.  The Braves winning on the last out bottom half in 9 inning.

So that not good.  We still having good excitement about Pirates and we ready when they saying we pitching.”

Both Rinku and Dinesh are part of the Gulf Coast League (GCL) Pirates. It’s the way low minor leagues, where a 60-game season lasts from late June to late August.As luck would have it, the GCL Pirates are currently 0-4.

Now, Rinku’s obviously been told that he or Dinesh will be pitching soon. However, the team just had a rainout, and I don’t know how strict the scheduling is. Will the other rookie-ball pitchers get pushed back on account of rain, or will it be Rinku and/or Dinesh’s turn?

They have games the next 5 straight days, so I’m betting we’ll get to see Rinku and Dinesh soon. With our current pitching situation in the bigs (*cough*Ian Snell*cough*), it’s only a matter of time until these guys are called up to the show.

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