Santonio Holmes Is Funny

Man, I’ve been all up in Santonio’s business lately. Winning a men’s choice award, asking you to dance like MJ, getting a new tat and begging for an ESPY. But I guess that’s how it is…win Super Bowl MVP and all of a sudden you’re everywhere.

But for some weird reason, I hadn’t seen this before. The Best Damn Sports Show, Period, which ironically just went off the air, had Santonio in for a quick clip right after the Super Bowl. The spot was for Santonio Holmes’ San Antonio Homes. And in his best deadpan, Tone states,

“Why remember the Alamo, when you can just live in it?”

I think I paused from laughing too hard, then rewound and played it again like 6 more times in a row.

I know I made a grave mistake in never seeing this in the first place, but jeez…better late than never.

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Santonio Holmes is Funny

Santonio updated his semi-new Yardbarker blog prior to yesterday’s game, and it turns out that Holmes is kinda funny. Check out the joke he wrote:

It’s the third quarter and the Steelers are running a no-huddle offense.

BEN: “Tone, Heath, Nate, Hines — come on guys, line up.”

Ben looks at Heath and gives him the wink.

HINES: “What’s the play? Come on man, what’s the play?!”

BEN: “I got this, I got this. Don’t worry about it.”

Funny, yes, but it would work better if Heath actually got a decent number of balls thrown his way. Heath could totally be a Witten-type player, but he doesn’t have nearly as many chances as Jason.

But maybe Santonio was just stoned…so it all made sense.

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